THE TEMPORARY RADIO - For fresh air and a world with less walls

THE TEMPORARY RADIO FOR FRESH AIR AND A WORLD WITH LESS WALLS was a temporary radio station transmitting live on 98.7 FM in Århus from Kunsthal Aarhus in the period from 1 / 3 / 4 / 5 th of May 2013.

The project is an artistic construction site that seeks to bring fresh air to utopian ideas. Different contributions by a collective of international artists circle around the questions: What do we want and what can we do? An attempt to transgress the visible and invisible walls between the fragile, the political, between art and life. The project is initiated and organized by Louise Vind Nielsen.

Download RADIO WHILE YOU WORK SLOWLY 12-05-2013 (87.08 MB)

Duration: 63:22 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ



    MUSIC WHILE YOU WORK was a daytime music program broadcast twice daily in the United Kingdom on the BBC. It began broadcasting in June 1940 during World War II, with the intention of helping the war effort. The thought was that the productivity of manual labour could be raised by playing a non-stop medley of popular music at an even tempo, to accompany the working day in factories. The radio program was in this sense perceived as a weapon for national and military growth.

    RADIO WHILE YOU WORK SLOWLY (OR) MUSIC TO HELP YOU STOP WORKING is an attempt to slow down or interrupt production. With the transmission on International Workers Day we will examine the relation between radio, art, work and production.

    The title of the show also refers to the italian dada-maoist pirate radio station RADIO ALICE. Radio Alice's first transmission took place in Bologna 1976, and became aligned with the autonomism movement. The motto of the italian Radio Alice was: "Everyone should work. But very little, very slowly and make no effort whatsoever."

    RADIO WHILE YOU WORK SLOWLY will include an interview with Ansa Lønstrup - Associate Professor at Århus University department for Aesthetics and Culture, who will give her opinion on how we can slow down production by means of radio.

    The show will be in both Danish and English.